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Aircooled VW rallyserie in Finland 7th of October 2017            (finnish/suomi text)

Great video from this rally    Here some more videos too with links

Save the date! Volkswagen rallycars are gathering far and wide to race for the first time ever with such a wide range at Naantali 7th of October.

Kuplapaja/Aircooled rallyseries started in 2011 and Naantali race seemed a perfect place to celebrate the journey. All good things come to an end eventually so all the more reason to enjoy it while it lasts.

The main princible in VW series is a bit different. There are various cars with different speed classing so a unique point system was created. This makes the race more even and enables succeeding with less powerful car.

The Point system encourages to keep the cars under historic class but more freely tuned F-class cars can also participate although they receive point reductions. System has proved to be working and many times the winner has been a historic car. The car must be air cooled so all Beetles, TL's, sedans and Karmann Ghias are eligible.

There are 15 drivers on the starting line, which will set the new series record! Although there is still time to join the race ;) Here is a short introduction of the current participants:

1.Oskari Hannu, Kangasala. For his 30th birthay Oskari was suprised by a group of friends and enrolled to the race. The car will be newly built VW TL "long nose". This will mark his first race ever as a race driver.

2.Jani Lehtinen, Valkeakoski. This is Janis  first year in rally racing and he is driving VW TL "short nose". The start of the season has been challenging, but maybe now the problems are behind him?

3.Juhani Laaksonen, Sipoo. Juhani has had a succesful career driving motorcycles and this year he returned back to the series with his new Beetle. Before the two last races he's on the lead.

4.Stefan Wiik, Sipoo. One of the few who has driven all the races between 2011-2017 and is one of the driving forces behind the series. Stefan has been very succesful with his light blue Beetle and is definately in the drivers Top 5 in every race.

5.Matti Korpela, Ruovesi. Matti is a former Finnish champion in Jokamiesluokka and is a succesful spelialist in very hard and challenging races. He has increased speed in every race.

6.Juhani Jyränkö, Mäntsälä. The man behind the Kuplapaja business, founder and driving force of the Kuplapaja series. Jussi is always open for new ideas!

7.Erkki Eerola, Mäntsälä. First we race and then Eerola wins. Erkki has an uncanny way of getting all out of his Beetle. Although the car might not be the best in the series, Erkki usually finishes on the top.

8.Juha Liukkonen, Vantaa. Car enthusiast to the bone, Juha knows his fair share of historic racing. The car might not be the fastest but when everything goes as planned this artist finishes high on the list. 

9.Timo Varis, Tampere. Timo is VW activist and iconic type 3 man. Although this year he prefers yellow Beetle. Speed is yet to be seen.

10.Jukka Laine, Raisio. Jukka is feeling the pressure as Naantali race is on his home turf. If the car holds this quick-witted gentleman will definately be in the top 5. The speed is there as Jukka has some history in the Jokamiesluokka. He is driving a beautiful Beetle.

11.Heikki Juutilainen, Helsinki. Heikki is a perfect example how experience means more speed. During the last year he has been building up momentum and is fastly approaching top cars with his Beetle.

12.Mika Möller, Jämsä. A real contender and challenge for Eerola. Mika has experience driving with variety of different cars. Unfortunately the race has often ended before finish line.

13.Kari Haapalainen, Lahti. If all the drivers drove like Kari does, there wouldn't be enough Beetle bodies to go around. He is without a doupt one of the fastest drivers in the series, but unfortunately race often ends off road.

14.Kari Aaltonen, Tampere. Kari drives a yellow Beetle which has gotten a thorough modern makeover under the hood. You could say it's a wolf in sheeps clothes. Linnavuori motor factory man is definately one of the top5 drivers this year.

15.Mikko Turunen, Ylöjärvi. The man behind the business. Bought multiple champion Kimmo Raitanens car and has performed very well behind the wheel.

You are the most welcome to join us. On the sidelines cheering or at the roads racing. Let's make this the race to remember! If you know a aspiring driver or have information on suitable cars pleace contact Mika Hannu t. +358 50 3478380

The drivers list will be updated as new participants sign up. Eventhough they are not listed here, don't forget the most important co-drivers. After all they are the "brains" inside the car.

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In English: Sanna A.


Drivers points after 4/6 :

1.Laaksonen Juhani                   31

2.Wiik Stefan                              21

3.Haapalainen Kari                     19

4.Juutilainen Heikki                   18

5.Laine Jukka                              17

5.Liukkonen Juha                       17

7.Aaltonen Kari                           12

8.Eerola Erkki                              11

9.Korpela Matti                           10

10.Jyränkö Juhani                      9

10.Raitanen Kimmo                   9

12.Turunen Mikko                     8

13.Lehtinen Jani                          0

14.Varis Timo                              0